Music for wellness

Lunch & Learn

Our Lunch and Learn program is offered to seniors on the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month. This program provides a nutritional lunch, an opportunity to socialize and has an educational component.

Many seniors are isolated and often live alone. Eating with others provides many benefits for seniors. It promotes healthy eating, naturally we eat more around others and make better food choices. 

Often times seniors feel lonely when they eat by themselves. At our Lunch and Learn seniors come to the dining table, share stories and talk about their lives, new friendships are made and relationships with others grow. 

Activity participation is essential to quality of life. It helps to reduce the risk of depression and enhances social connectedness. It also stimulates cognitive thinking and can help to maintain a healthy brain.

The Learn component of our lunch provides learning in a fun and relaxing environment. We balance our learning program with a variety of topics from health and wellness, safety concerns, community resources, as well as art, history music and culture.

We are constantly looking to improve our program. You can help us by sponsoring the Lunch and Learn.